Aims and Scope

The Journal of Architectural and Planning Research is unique in the fields of architecture and urban planning. Reporting both recent research findings and innovative new practices, it provides a link between theory and practice for researchers and practicing professionals. Articles come from authors on every continent, providing truly international coverage of research developments. JAPR has received the Achievement Award from the Environmental Design Research Association and the First Place Award (Scholarly Journal) from the Successful Magazine Publishing Association. Both were in recognition of JAPR's innovative content and contribution to knowledge development.

Original empirical research papers, theoretical and integrative review articles, book reviews, and high-quality position papers keep readers up-to-date on the latest ideas, designs, and developments in these related fields.
A blind refereed, scholarly journal, JAPR includes three major areas in its comprehensive, interdisciplinary coverage:

Architectural and design research includes such topics as architectural technology, environment and behavior, design methods, architectural theory, architectural practice, design programming, business design research, computer applications to architectural practice, information technologies for design professionals, post-occupancy evaluation, environmental evaluation, social-impact assessment, forecasting for the environmental professions, user participation, environmental education for the public, energy, site planning, topology, and building configuration.

Urban planning research topics include, but are not limited to, social, geographic, administrative, and political studies of the factors that contribute to the shaping of neighborhoods, cities, and urban regions. Also of interest are topics that relate research to public- or private-sector policy setting and administrative decision making.

Architectural design, interior design, and urban design may be of particular interest to practicing architects, designers, and urban planners. They cover the above topics as related to practice and allow for publication of architectural, interior, and urban design projects.

Original and broad in scope, the Journal of Architectural and Planning Research provides comprehensive coverage of the research and practice of architecture and urban planning. It is the interdisciplinary publication for all those working in architecture and urban planning.
Journal of Architectural and Planning Research
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